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Terms & Conditions of Booking & Entry

By entering this property (whether as a paying guest or visitor) you agree to the following rules and indemnify us against all accommodation charges, damages, legal fees or other related costs incurred by us relating to your entry, or those you invite to this property.  

Breach of any of the park rules may result in you being required to leave the park immediately without refund; and/ or incur a $200 park disruption charge, with any further costs additional (such as for damage, cleaning or collection costs, etc).  

Arrival & Departure

Arrival Time: from 2 pm
Departure Time: 10 am 


Balance of accounts are payable on arrival. Payment must be made for the full-time booked.

Refunds for early departure are at the management's discretion. Refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. 


Alcohol is only permitted to be consumed on your allocated site. Alcohol is not to be consumed walking around the Park. Excessive drinking and parties are forbidden.  


Reasonable quietness between 10 pm and 7 am. Some discretion is allowed on New Year’s Eve.  Reasonable behaviour and dress at all times. 

Caravans & Tents

Campervans and caravans must have an electrical warrant of fitness and comply with NZS3001:2008 and LPG Standard (NZS 5428:2006). All campervans and caravans must have their own wastewater container.

Chemical toilets must be emptied in dump stations. For tents, electricity can only be connected through an approved isolating transformer or RCD Safety Switch.


Children are to be always controlled and supervised by parents (including when on bikes etc). 


Cost of damage to property or accommodation units (including lost future use) will be recovered. 

Gang Insignia

Gang Insignia including patches must not be worn or displayed in the Park. 


One vehicle is to be parked on its own site only. Parking is not allowed on driveways.

Boat parking (and other trailer parking) is subject to availability and only in areas as advised by staff. 


Not admitted – unless pre-arranged with management. 

No pets within park buildings at any time. 


No smoking or vaping is permitted in any buildings or immediately outside a building with open doors or windows.


No cooking of strong aromatic/smelling foods within cabins or units.

Additional cleaning charges may apply.


Visitors must sign in at reception.   Your visitors are your responsibility and should depart by 10 pm. Visitors’ vehicles are to be left outside the park or in the visitor's car park. 

Any charge for visitors, if not paid, will be your responsibility. We ask for your co-operation so that your stay and the stay of other guests can be enjoyable.

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